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Staff birthday events for the third quarter of 2018 were held successfully


At 18:00 on September 20, at the time of the Mid-Autumn festival, "zhengye family, enjoy the Mid-Autumn night together" and the birthday of employees in the third quarter of 2018 were successfully held at the basketball court of zhengye technology headquarters. All employees and their family members actively participated in the activity, and the scene was warm and peaceful with continuous cheers and laughter.

Opening remarks

Wonderful program

In the enthusiastic atmosphere, the staff carried on the race competition, for the scene brought laughter.

Diamond ring passing

Diamond ring passing

Collective jump rope

Fun relay race

Employee birthday parties

It is precisely because there are thousands and thousands of people who "give up their small homes for everyone", that there is the joy and peace of this big family. It is because of the unremitting efforts of all the staff that the business is flourishing today.

In the future days, we look forward to all the people working together to create a more brilliant and brilliant tomorrow and unremitting efforts!

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