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Advantages of Hole Checker Machine

With the development of the electronic information industry, the refinement requirements of the PCB industry are getting higher and higher. At present, the accuracy of PCB board has been developed to a minimum aperture of 0.08mm, the minimum hole spacing of 0.1mm or even higher. Drilling is an important part of PCB manufacturing, except for vias, part holes, and slots, Shaped holes, plate shapes, etc. need to be inspected. How to effectively and accurately detect the drilling quality of PCB board has become an important part of ensuring product quality. PCB hole inspection machine is an automatic optical inspection equipment used for drilling quality inspection. This paper aims to analyze the important role of the Hole Checker machine in the drilling process and provide reference for PCB manufacturers.

The role of the hole boring machine in the PCB drilling process is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Efficient and stable drilling quality inspection; Statistical analysis of data from auxiliary production and quality management departments; Cost savings, high input-output ratio;

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