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What Kind of Laser Cutting Machine is Good for FPC Circuit Board Cutting?

Due to the wider application range of FPC circuit boards, FPC is being used in a large number in the fields of computer and communication, consumer electronics, automobiles, military and aerospace, medical, etc. Therefore, the processing of circuit boards has also received great attention.
Laser processing technology is a technology that uses the characteristics of the interaction between laser beam and matter to cut, weld, surface, perforate, micro-machine and use as a light source to identify objects. Traditional applications The largest area is laser processing technology.

Zhengye Technology provides Pico Laser Cutting Machines, PCB QR code Laser Marking Machine, PCB Printing Machine, etc. 

The performance characteristics of our laser cutting equipment are as follows: 

(1) Safety: The processing area is fully enclosed to ensure safety during processing

(2) High precision: CCD monitoring and positioning to ensure yield

(3) Automation: Open interface design, can achieve arbitrary automation according to demand.

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