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Full-Automatic X-Ray Inspection Machine Is Efficient, Accurate And Stable

The rapid rise of new energy vehicles, while driving the booming development of power batteries, also put forward higher requirements on the range of the battery, which is the key to the entire power system, providing power for the entire new energy system.

At present, one of the mainstream lithium battery packaging forms of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, high degree of automation, good stability, the cost is relatively low, but a single battery capacity is low, when used as motive power sources of electric cars, large-scale, need to use a single cell number, can't control each battery in the battery manufacturing process details, therefore, for the quality of power battery check is very necessary.

Zhengye technology launches automatic X-ray inspection machine xg 5600/5610 for cylindrical lithium battery detection. The Pcb X-Ray Inspection Machine is applicable to online or offline automatic detection of cylindrical lithium battery in the lithium battery industry.

Zhengye technology automatic Circuit X Ray Inspection Machine XG5610

Product features:
1. Efficient detection, automatic feeding and automatic detection.
2. Accurate judgment and automatic sorting of good and bad products can meet the needs of online and offline detection methods.
3. Stable, safe and environmentally friendly; the whole equipment is safely interlocked, with triple protection functions. All departments on the surface of the fuselage meet the safety radiation standards of European and American countries.
4. Real-time online display of images and data, real-time monitoring of all actions, signals and hardware status, and rendering on the software operation interface, convenient for observation and recognition.
5. The image and data are saved, and the detection image and original image are saved at the same time, and the detection data is saved by data table for easy viewing and analysis.
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