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Anti-Freeze Measures for CO2 Laser Cutting Machine in Winter

Too low temperature in winter will cause some damage to the laser equipment. If used improperly, it may cause serious damage to the core components of the laser equipment and cannot be recovered! So, today we're going to take a look at how the Co2 Laser Cutting Machine works in winter.
Carbon dioxide laser tubes are water-cooled, and we'd better keep the temperature at about 25 degrees, because that's where the energy is strongest.
The chiller is also one of the keys of the laser equipment. In the cold winter, many users think the cold water will not increase much. So often forget to change water, especially in winter, because the outside temperature is very low, spindle motor heating is difficult to sense.

Also, use antifreeze. It is generally composed of alcohol and water, requiring high boiling point and flash point, high specific heat and conduction ability, low temperature viscosity, not easy bubbling, not corroding metal parts, rubber hose, etc. The water cooler, which is attached to the laser equipment, prevents the cooling water from freezing, allowing the chiller to operate normally in the cold winter.

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