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Quality printed circuit board (PCB) good helper - Wire Width Measuring Instrument Series

The printed circuit board (PCB) is an important electronic component, which is the supporting body of the electronic component and the bridge of carrying the electronic component and connecting the circuit.
But how to know PCB circuit board wire thickness, line distance, line width is qualified?

Of course, we should use the Line Width Tester developed by zhengye technology!

Main line width gauge is mainly used to detect and analyze the quality of the upper and lower width, line spacing and round hole (in the field of camera field) of the semi-finished circuit in printed circuit board and outer layer after developing and etching (before the green oil).

Device characteristics

1. Automatic positioning measurement: the measurement position information can be customized according to the Gbr data imported from the client. The automatic measurement program can be generated and imported into the software for automatic measurement.

2. Automatic focus: use automatic focus of imaging system to ensure clear and accurate measurement position;
3. Automatic switching multiplier: fully automatic doubling lens is adopted without manual switching;
4. Navigation and positioning: it has the function of navigation image positioning to quickly find the measurement points;
5. Automatic edge searching: automatic line drawing, upper and lower width, line distance, circle diameter, etc.;

6. Data statistics function: it has the functions of archiving, statistics and automatic export of Excel data.

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