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Zhengye technology research and development of PCB qr code Automatic Laser Marking equipment, which can realize "one thing a yard" traced all the way, raw material procurement, production process and technology, product batch, manufacturer, date of production, the information such as product to automatically generate qr code, automatically by the Laser Marking Machine on the surface of the PCB/FPCB, to trace and manage products.

The traceability function

(1)Wide range: it can carve the qr code automatically on white oil, green oil, black oil and other ink and copper surface;

(2)Laser: imported CO2 laser, fiber laser, green light laser and ultraviolet laser are adopted.

(3)High precision and stable performance: adopt imported high-speed vibrator, with high machining accuracy, fast speed and stable performance;

(4)Humanization: humanized software interface, easy to operate and learn;

(5)Automation: automatically acquire information and code, automatically read qr code and save data;

(6)Customization: automatic plate loading, automatic plate turning and automatic plate receiving can be customized.

In addition, the equipment has the industry's leading technology level advantages, is an advanced technology solution. Its advantages different from ink printing are: high marking quality, difficult to change the qr code, stronger anti-counterfeiting, no consumables, environmental protection and pollution-free features are welcomed by manufacturers; It can achieve high precision, high speed, automation and intelligent production efficiency of PCB plate two-dimensional code marking. The integrated solution has solved the existing PCB manufacturers and the technical requirements of high efficiency of PCB plate marking two-dimensional code.

Application example: sample of FPCB series

Zhengye Technology which aslo supply QR Code PCB Laser Marking Machine through "a yard" full traceability technology realize information management of product information back to manufacturers, covering production, warehousing, transportation, distribution, and the whole process supervision and electronic digital traceability, strictly control the product quality and safety, enhance consumer confidence in the product and the enterprise, sets up the good enterprise brand image. At the same time, we provide laser cutting equipment such as High Speed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. Welcome to our website know more details.