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New Automatic Line of Character Jet Printer Helps PCB Enterprises To Transform and Upgrade

Manufacturing industry is facing huge pressure from the aspects of labor cost, environmental protection, energy saving and safety. To build automatic production and intelligent factory is no longer an option, but a necessity.
At present, a new generation of information technology and manufacturing to deepen constantly fusion, unmanned systems and intelligent manufacturing is becoming the important focus of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, this not only inspired industrial innovation to upgrade the new kinetic energy, also accelerated the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, coupled with rising labor costs, recruitment difficult and management cost is high, intelligent automation production has become the inevitable trend of future development.

Recently, zhengye technology launched a new automatic line of character jet printer. According to zhengye jun, this automatic production line of character jet printer integrates the research and development achievements made by zhengye technology and technology team for years on the PCB industry, and is designed for the amount of character jet printing in the PCB industry, which can meet the requirements of the efficient and highly automated production line of character jet printing.

Compared with other  Legend Inkjet Printer series products, the new characters of the spray printing machine automation assembly line not only inherited the original characters spray printing machine series equipment of high quality, high precision, high cost performance and other advantages, also create a double platform, greatly enhance ease of use, and six axis manipulator and assembly line equipment, the combination of both building flexible production line, effectively reduce labor intensity, greatly reduce the cost, with high stability and perfect suitable for high automation, high precision printing, and so on request and need improve the production efficiency and automation transformation of PCB manufacturers.

Now, let's take a look at this automatic assembly line:

Note: minimum space required for the whole pipeline: 12600 * 2900mm

The production efficiency

2 character machine connection, mass production (2 times) mode;

Includes loading and unloading time and does not include sprinkler cleaning time.

Application area:
Character spray printing machine automatic production line is mainly used in PCB industry, in the PCB production process green oil and a half after curing to text, graphics, symbols printed on the PCB, compared to traditional screen printing have: short production cycle, spray printing high quality, high precision, spray print personalized data (variable) and the advantages of the environmental protection free from contamination, which can effectively replace the traditional screen printing operation, more get the favour of manufacturers.
Printing effect:
No obvious fly ink, character diffusion uniform, high accuracy, good quality.

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