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PCB Intelligent Manufacturing Key Equipment | Zhengye Technology Character Jet Printer + Automatic Feeding System

China is in a critical period of industrial transformation and upgrading and the transformation of old and new drivers of power. The key point of breakthrough is the manufacturing industry, and intelligentization has become an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.
The application of intelligent equipment will free more people from labor, make machines assume more mechanical and repetitive work, and help enterprises to control the rising human cost, and enter the high-efficiency intelligent production mode under large-scale mass production and manufacturing.

Zhengye technology complies with the intelligent development, responds to the market demand, breaks the traditional single-machine mode, and independently develops a set of character jet printer + automatic upper and lower board system, realizing the upgrade from machine to automatic equipment.

Equipment introduction

Zhengye technology character jet printer + automatic feeding system

Laser Cutting Machine: high precision, high quality and other advantages, software flexibility, equipment expansion.

Automatic loading and unloading system: it can replace manual work for repetitive and mechanical work. Compared with manual operation, it can reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

Suitable for PCB character jet printing processing, can replace the traditional screen printing, with automatic upper and lower board system, to provide PCB manufacturers with a set of high precision, high quality and high efficiency jet printing production solutions.

Characteristics of the equipment:
1. Stable output capacity: reduce the poor productivity stability caused by human factors.
2. Good printing stability: the character jet printer + automatic upper and lower plate system is independently developed by our company, which ensures the stability of the whole system.
3. Excellent quality of printed matter: the mass-produced model PY300 has been verified by a large number of customers, which ensures the quality stability of printed matter.
4. High printing precision: high quality optical alignment and automatic expansion and contraction compensation ensure the precision of printing.
5. High cost performance of automatic upper and lower material: realize the function of automatic reverse side printing.
6. Labor cost saving: one person can control multiple machines or one person can control operating machines.
Spray print samples:

Equipment advantages

Advantages of jet printing over traditional screen printing:
1. The production cycle is short, and there is no need to make the plate. Pre-curing can reduce printing errors and baking time;
2. High resolution of text, with a minimum of 0.5mm high and a minimum line width of 75~90 mm.
3. High printing precision, which can automatically adjust the printing data according to the expansion and contraction of the plate to obtain the best printing effect;
4. Personalized (variable) printing data, such as automatic change of qr code of serial number;

5. The printing process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

Zhengye technology characters spray printing machine + the application of automatic loading system not only can help enterprises to achieve higher efficiency and improve product quality, at the same time also can alleviate the pressure of the growing environment and resources, at the same time of lower production costs, reduce material waste and scrap, help enterprise more competitive in a rapidly changing market environment. Finally, I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival!