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The Advantages Of PCB QR Code Laser Engraving Machine

The development of thin and light PCBs means that the area of the PCB QR code laser engraving machine is getting smaller and smaller, and the range of printing QR codes is getting smaller and smaller. Under specific regions, it is usually required that the QR codes are 5x5mm or less. In some special applications, high-end barcode readers can be used to read laser codes, which can print 1.5x1.5mm or even 0.8x0.8mm QR codes.
The competitor of laser equipment, legend inkjet printer for PCB, even the imported high-end inkjet equipment, the smallest character can only be 0.08mm, and want to mark the 1x1mm QR code is impossible to achieve, through the code. The 3x3mm QR code of the device marker is very low in the read rate of reading under the industrial barcode gun, and its accuracy is low. Obviously, it is not suitable for PCB products with a size below 5x5mm. On the other hand, laser marking technology’s non-contact processing, no consumables, no pollution, high precision, is the largest weight.
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