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Requirements For PCB QR Code Laser Marking

The development of smart phones, smart computers, smart homes, smart wearables, and smart cars has led to the development of lightweight, high-precision, and high-precision electronic industry chains. As the carrier of electronic components, PCB boards are particularly critical in the light and thin and precise development. So how to control the quality on demand this high-precision, mass production?
The solution of PCB QR code laser marking provided by PCB laser marking machine manufacturer is to mark different QR codes on the PCB board in different regions through the CCD, read it through the bar code of the downstream link, and upload it to the enterprise data management system. On the one hand, it realizes the management of the production system. Control the quality of products, understand the progress of production, which supplier the product comes from, whether the product has quality problems, remove the problems in time, and feed materials; on the other hand, it eliminates the cost of manual entry in the realization intelligent production.
 PCB QR Code Laser Marking