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What is the Characters of Laser Cutting Machine?

Laser cutting equipment is currently applied into various industries as a new type of mature tools , including laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine. Laser cutting machine features: 1. 64MB high memory, fast transmission, and can offline working. 2. Digital electronic Z axis adjustment and fully automatic focusing mode. 3. Large working table and a built-in lighting. 4. Original special air cooled hermetic type metal tube. 5. Red light module, CCD automatic positioning. 6. Complete function, simple working platform. 7. Modular design, easy maintenance. 8. Metal laser radio-frequency tube, life up to 45 thousand hours. 9. Blow up and below exhaust system, ensure the processing quality. 10. Probe-type automatic focusing, effectively guarantee the cutting depth. 11. Open space, reserve expansion port can easily add auxiliary automation equipment. 12. Mature and stable product, high integration, perfect options. 13. Conform to the safety regulations of Clas1 CDRH. CE certification and RoSH certification 14. Ball screw drive 15. Servo drive system, ensure the precision.

High Precision Laser Cutting Machine

 Laser Cutting Machine 

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