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The Characteristics of PCB Automatic Online QR Code Laser Drilling Machine

Fiber marking precision
For this technology solutions, Zhengye Technology used fiber laser marking technology, which is characterized by high precision marking, fast, stable performance. And only through the computer control, simple operation, can print a variety of complex patterns, text, two-dimensional code and other content, in full compliance with the existing PCB industry, high-quality marking requirements.
Its processing technology is good, wear resistance is strong, high precision machining, non-destructive marking, good at PCB board high-quality two-dimensional code marking.
Automatic and intelligent
PCB automatic online QR code laser drilling machine achieved automatic and intelligent technology. Through supporting the automation equipment and operating system, so that printing two-dimensional code on the PCB board achieve the automated production line. And then through the computer control, simple software operation, and achieve the intelligent production. Its high speed and high efficiency saves labor costs, improve production efficiency, solve technical problems in the production of the PCB manufacturers.

PCB Automatic Online QR Code Laser Drilling Machine