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PCB Automatic Online QR Code Laser Engraving System

Compared with the traditional printing technology, laser marking has good quality, high consistency, wear resistance, high efficiency, cost savings and safe and reliable features, is very widely used in the PCB industry.
PCB automatic online QR code laser engraving machine can automatically generate two-dimensional code, such as raw material purchase, production process, product batch, production date, product orientation and so on, through laser engraving on the PCB surface, to achieve the product traceability and management. Help PCB manufacturers to achieve sophisticated production and control, improve lean management results.
At present, Zhengye technology PCB QR code laser engraving technology has not only become Huawei designated suppliers, this technology solution is also delivered to the relevant manufacturers to use PCB manufacturers, and access to customer recognition and praise.

PCB Automatic Online QR Code Laser Marking Machine