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Intellectual Property Drive Sail Voyage for Innovation

March 23, 2015, "the CPC Central Committee and State Council on deepening the reform of institutional mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy of a number of opinions" (referred to as "opinions") officially released, the bright spot of intellectual property, caused widespread concern in the industry. This is also the 15th World Intellectual Property Day on April 26, the country in the release of "deep implementation of the national IP strategy action plan (2014-2020)", the intellectual property in China to implement innovation-driven development strategy re-positioning, And then re-layout and re-layout of another major breakthrough, the main intellectual property highlights summarized as the following 3 points:

Highlights 1: Encourage innovation, system security

"Opinions" clearly put forward that grasp the technical innovation of the market rules, so that the intellectual property system to become the basic guarantee of innovation.

Highlights 2: strict protection, create an environment

"Opinions" lists the "strict intellectual property protection system" entry, including "improve the protection of intellectual property rights related laws" "improve the legal system of trade secrets", "improve the intellectual property trial work mechanism" and "sound intellectual property infringement investigation mechanism" And other specific content.

This shows that the state to create a fair competitive environment, "the implementation of strict intellectual property protection system" as the primary factor to stimulate innovation.

Highlights 3: promote the application, reflecting the value

"Opinions" clearly mentioned "to explore the development of intellectual property securitization business; the establishment of intellectual property pledge financing market-oriented risk compensation mechanism; improve scientific and technological achievements, ownership of intellectual property rights and benefit-sharing mechanism; Research and development of scientific and technological innovation, intellectual property and industrial development combined with innovation-driven development of evaluation indicators, and incorporated into the national economic and social development plan. "

This shows that the country will introduce a series of follow-up policies to promote the promotion of intellectual property value. "Opinions" promulgated, will greatly accelerate the pace of China's construction of intellectual property rights, will create a legal environment of the environment. Intellectual property, has been suspended for voyage for innovation-driven development strategies.