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Analysis on The Application of Laser Marking in PCB Industry

Laser marking is a very advanced marking technology, through the laser engraving technology after focusing, will the characters, patterns engraved on the surface of the object.

Compared with the traditional printing technology, laser marking has good quality, high consistency, wear resistance, cost savings and safe and reliable features, widely used in PCB industry.

With the IT industry's hot development, smart phones, electronic products continue to lean, miniaturization of the development, consumer demand for electronic products is also increasing, which require PCB board production must also be better. In order to achieve PCB board production process quality control, marking on the PCB board becomes the industry trend. Because of poor wear resistance, precision is not high, poor aesthetics, pollution of the environment and other issues, traditional printing technology can not meet the new market technology needs. Therefore, laser marking has become a trend in the PCB industry.

Laser marking machine