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Fiber laser marking series MF-20/30
Brand : PIL
Model : MF-20/30
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The machine employs the 3rd generation fiber laser and imported high-speed galvanometer as its central devices. It is widely used for metal’s surface marking, such as stainless, iron, aluminium alloy, alumina, al-mg alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel alloy, zinc alloy marking, etc.

Fiber laser marking series MF-20/30 sample :

(1)Short pulse-width, air-cooling, maintenance free, high stability, good light beam quality, long using life by the 3rd generation fiber Laser.

(2)High processing accuracy, high marking speed and good stability base on imported high-speed galvanometer.

(3)Convenient OperationConvenient data processing with dedicated laser marking software. Interface is simple and friendly, easy operation.

(4)Available support file format:  PLTDXFAISDTBMPJPGJPEGTGAPNGTIFTIFF, etc.

(5)Support one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code marking such as Code39EANPDF417DATAMATRIX, etc.

(6)Option function: marking-on-the-fling, rotary marking and X.Y 2D platform. 

Specifications of Fiber Laser Marking Machine






Laser type

Imported fiber laser;

Adjustable pulse width.

Imported fiber laser;

Pulse width can not be adjusted.


Domestic fiber laser;

Adjustable pulse width.


Domestic fiber laser;

Pulse width can not be adjusted.


Laser power

20W (30W, 50W optional)

Laser wavelength

1064 nm

Laser frequency

1.6 - 1000kHz

20-200 kHz

1-1000 kHz

20-200 kHz

Peak Power Stability

≦5% rms

Average Power Stability

3% rms

Laser cooling method

Air Cooling

Marking Depth

0.4 mm

Marking speed

≦6000 mm/s

Marking area

Stand marking size: 100 mm × 100 mm;

Optional marking size: 50 mm × 50 mm~200 mm × 200 mm.

Minimum line width

0.02 mm

Minimum character

0.2 mm

Repetitive of positioning accuracy

0.003 mm

Ambient temperature


Ambient humidity

10%-85%RH, Non-Condensing

Power Supply


Power of machine


Total weight


Software language


Font Format

Support true type including JSF, SHX,DMF

Support bar code format

One-Dimension code:CODE39, CODE93,CODE128,ENA standard, EAN-128;

Two-Dimension code: DataMatrix, QRcode, PDF417, micro QRcode

Support file format


Special custom functions

Rotating marking function(marking while rotating);

Flying marking function(marking while conveyor belt moving);

Add X/Y axes motion platform;

Automatic loading and unloading.

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