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The Extraordinary Way of Lithium Battery Testing

    Lithium batteries are widely used in wearable devices, VR, mobile phones, notebook computers, power tools, electric bicycles, electric vehicle powertrains, energy Internet, energy storage and other fields.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, the rapid development of the entire lithium battery industry chain, according to the statistics of the High-tech Lithium-Ion Industry Research Institute, it is expected that the demand for power lithium batteries will increase rapidly in the next few years, the global lithium battery equipment market It will gradually shift to China, and the lithium battery equipment market will show a trend of localization. By 2020, the scale of domestic equipment will reach 28.5 billion yuan, and the localization rate will increase to about 80%. New development opportunities.

Lithium battery tour, direct detection

    Nowadays, Zhengye Technology has won the trust and praise of most customers in the field of lithium detection equipment with  X-Ray Inspection Machine. Its origin has been started since 15 years ago.

In 2003, Zhengye Technology began to independently research and develop PCB industry testing instruments, specializing in testing and innovation technology. After 4 years, it was involved in X-ray inspection machines. Years of testing technology has laid a solid foundation for entering the field of lithium battery testing.

In 2011, Zhengye Technology established the Lithium Battery Division, officially expanded the lithium battery testing market and made great achievements. In just 7 years, I have witnessed the rapid development of Zhengye Technology in the field of lithium battery detection, from digital battery field to power battery field, from the initial soft package to aluminum shell, square and cylindrical battery, from stand-alone equipment to online fully automated equipment, and finally Zhengye Technology's fist  lithium battery X Ray Inspection Machine has rapidly opened up and established itself in the field of lithium battery testing.
    In 2016, the safety issue of mobile phone lithium battery has become a global topic and has been highly valued by the industry. The market for lithium-ion X-Ray online automatic non-destructive testing equipment is in short supply. Zhengye Technology has occupied more than 70% market share with its strong strength.
    In 2017, Zhengye Technology continued to lay out the lithium battery testing market, and carried out research and development of lithium battery PACK automatic assembly production line, lithium battery cover automatic assembly production line, and polar laser die-cutting equipment, and further cut into the field of automation equipment in the lithium battery industry, enriching the layout of lithium battery industry. 

▲ Lithium battery PACK automatic assembly line

In 2018, based on the core competitiveness of “X-ray technology + automated detection technology”, Zhengye Technology gradually implemented the horizontal development strategy of “expanding lithium battery testing equipment product chain”, and now it has launched a battery matching line (including PPG size measurement). New products such as machine, OCV, Breaker welding, component selection, positive pressure side leakage, glue applicator, etc.) and battery automatic traceability laser marking machine, further explore the lithium battery industry market, and will launch more automated production line solutions in the future. The program meets the needs of customers in the lithium battery industry.

Battery automatic matching line

The battery automatic traceable laser marking machine has been introduced to automatically generate two-dimensional code for information on raw materials, product batches, manufacturers, products, etc., and auto-laser on the surface of battery materials such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc. Marking code, real-time docking MES/ERP system, etc., to achieve product traceability and full lifecycle management, widely used in the field of lithium battery.

From raw material supply to  X Ray Machine to automation solutions, Zhengye Technology has initially formed a relatively complete industrial chain layout, with strong industry comprehensive service capabilities, and can provide customers with multi-faceted standardization and customized services. .
Nowadays, Zhengye Technology has cooperated with ATL, CATL, BYD, Coslight Group, Tianjin Lishen, TCL Jinneng, AVIC Lithium, Yiwei Lithium, Panasonic Energy, Dibike, Guardian Technology, Chuangming Battery, Vico Battery, 赣 Feng Lithium, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Weihong Power, Hao Peng International and other large domestic and foreign customers have established a deep cooperative relationship, and the products have been recognized and praised by customers.

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