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Vice Governor of Guangdong Province Yuan Baocheng Came to Zhengye Technology Guidance

July 5, vice governor of Guangdong Province Yuan Baocheng and other leaders come to Zhengye Technology inspection and guidance. Chairman Xu Tihua and related senior staff, warmly received the visiting guests.
Chairman introduced strategic layout
Accompanied by the chairman Xu Dihua, Mr. Yuan Baocheng visited the exhibition hall. Chairman Xu Dihua, introduced the development process, product line layout and intelligent manufacturing strategic planning for Yuan Baocheng and others.
Chairman introduced the automation program
Subsequently, Yuan Baocheng also visited Zhengye Technology exhibition hall equipment science and technology museum. From the ancient seismograph to the modern high-speed rail, aerospace, the future of intelligent manufacturing, Xu Dihua introduced the development of the world's equipment to Vice Governor Yuan Baocheng.
Chairman introduced equipment science and technology museum
Vice Governor Yuan Baocheng gave a high degree of recognition to independent research and development, intelligent layout. He encouraged Zhengye technology to firmly grasp the opportunities for intelligent manufacturing development, research and develop more high-end technology products, enterprises and brands continue to become bigger and stronger, and strive for social and economic development to make outstanding contributions!
Chairman introduced precision inspection equipment series
Zhengye has always insisted on technological innovation, independent research and development, in recent years, has introduced a market competitiveness of products, such as prepreg automatic dust cutting machine, Legend Inkjet Printer, PCB automatic two-dimensional code laser marking machine, lithium X Light non-destructive testing equipment, etc., achieve the industry-leading level. At the same time, we are also practicing "endogenous development and extension of mergers and acquisitions," strategic layout, has acquired Jiyin technology, Tuolian technology, Peng Yu Wei technology and XuanshuoZhizao four companies. We set up the Central Research Institute, MES system successfully on the line, improve the electronics industry, intelligent manufacturing industry chain layout, integrated configuration of upstream resources, create electronic information field "intelligent equipment + materials + overall solution" platform company.
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